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OLEO presents a contemporary, inventive and mixed flamenco repertoire with compositions that range from various artistic universes such as world and jazz music.

The diversity of these influences contributes to the originality and richness of this trio, which sublimates tradition with audacity and finesse.

Although their music is based on the flamenco heritage, it should not be taken only in its simple musical sense but also as a devouring passion for the trio, an unusual and original essence which fuses sensations and soul.

Transmitting and sharing the spirit of their origins, each composition is arranged for flamenco guitar, electric bass and ethnic percussions. Together they form a powerful instrumental trio that connects directly with the audience.

With balanced melodies, rich harmonies and musical details, OLEO’s performances capture the listener from the very first note. When these three artists come together on stage, we just have to sit down and enjoy the magic of this meeting.

Antonio Segura
Serge Dacosse

Antonio Segura, from Seville starts playing the guitar at 11 years old and studied with some of the greatest masters of flamenco: Isidoro Carmona - Mario Escudero - Pedro Escalona - Rafael Moreno…

He is co-founder of the groups Yerba Güena - Faena - Macande and participates in several international tours with other musical cultures like jazz and Eastern music.

He was invited to the biggest Belgian festivals: Festival of Ghent, Couleur Café Coffee, Sfinx, Belga Jazz Festival (Palais des Beaux Arts of Brussels), Brussels Summer festival, Festivals of Wallonia, Francofollies of Spa, Jazz Marathon (Grand Place).

From 1992 to 1994, he takes lessons at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, where he studies harmony, musical theory and musical arrangements. He composed the music of various plays, movies such as « Allez simple » and for the album of Macande

« Y lo que nos queda ».

He shared the stage with Leonardo Amuedo - Michel Hatzigeorgiu - Nicolas Fiszman - Camaron de Pitita - Sandip Banerjee - Juan Pablo Dobal - Nono Garcia - Chano Dominguez - François Garny - Bert Gielen - Manu Hermia - Jeroen Van Herzeele - Olivier Bodson -  Adrien Verderamme - Olivier Colette - Rafael Habichuela - Ani Cali – Emilio Maya …





















Bass player and composer, Serge Dacosse is a musician with a rich course of musical adventures. Jazz, Latin music and flamenco are as many musical paths Serge likes to take. Crossed paths that give the musician inspiration.


In 1988, he meets Paolo Radoni who opens him the doors of the blue note. Gradually, he enters the Belgian jazzistic scene sharing his experiences at the side of Yvan Paduart, André Charlier, Laurent Blondiau, Willy VandeWaele, Fabrice Alleman, Robert Graham, Diedriek Wissels, Jacques Pelzer, Steve Houben, Michel Bisceglia, Lionel Beuvens, Stefan Bracaval, Adrien Verderame, Carlo Nardozza, Pandit Sandip Bhattacharya,… to only quote the most known.

Originating from Brussels, Serge will move to Liege where he will finish his studies in psychology. It is there, in 1992, that he meets Stéphane Martini with whom he discovers the Brazilian and Cuban music. Many collaborations will rise from this meeting: Tropicana Salsa, Latin Fun, Almoria Trio, inter alia. The experiment with Almoria Trio will enable him to exert his first steps in musical composition. In 1997 and with his training, he will do the first part of Al di Meola at the festival of Jazz de Tourcoing. A natural attraction towards Spain leads Serge to discover flamenco. He makes several trips in the peninsula and impregnates himself with this culture in vivo. With his sonority and his easily recognizable style, several flamenco artists appraised Serge. He will perform at the side of José Toral, Marquito Calve, Sofia Yero, Raul Corredor, Javier Romero, Adi Akiva, José Ligero, Miguel Flores, Antonito Paz, Cristina Soler, Miguel Sanchez, Cuco Chelini, Francis Ligero, David Bastidas, Amparo Cortes. Serge will also mark his print in the Sumari Flamenco Jazz Project.

He took part in many festivals such as: International festival of Jazz to Liege, Festival Arte Flamenco of Mount-of-Marsan, Brussels Summer Festival, Jazz in 'T Park ...... .

In 2013, he invites the saxophonist and flutist Jorge Pardo to join his band "DACOSSE" in the framework of Brosella Jazz & Folk Festival.

We can find him today in the OLEO Group, the new trio group of the guitarist Antonio Segura.

François Taillefer

Canadian multi-percussionist, François Taillefer is passionate by the percussions, which he has explored throughout the world and ages for more than twenty-five years. His interest for the current musics, folk and experimental, was shaped through his numerous travels and musical divisions. He took part in several trainings of percussions in various countries such as in France, in Spain, in Peru, in Tunisia and in the United States. Supported in his artistic approachs by the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec and the Council of Arts of Canada during his career, François obtained, from the French government in 2010, « La carte Compétences et Talents ».

This long stay visa enabled him to settle in Lille where he develops projects within the artistic and cultural background of the area, while seeking to create bridges between France and Canada. François Taillefer is a curious and adventurous musician who unceasingly seeks to widen his horizons, in search of new ideas.

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